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Picture #07
Probably away. Contact through email.


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Oooooh, this is different. ;)
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How my food did end there?
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Looks like a new kind of synaptic bomb.


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I'll wait for skippy on this one...
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It can also be a new primary.
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It's 3 helioses gang banging a Pheonix V missile! ;7
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Originally posted by Raa
It's 3 helioses gang banging a Pheonix V missile! ;7


Anyhow, it does look like some kind of cluster helios...
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So its not a capaccino machine then.:drevil:
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That looks clearly like a Helios Cluster missle :)
Has to be it...
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Looks like boom.
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Looks like Guarenteed Death to anything below below destroyer class and Mortal Wounds to destroyers.  Of course, if the Apoc is still running around, it looks like chopped liver.:D
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Originally posted by Styxx
Picture #07

The cluster bomb from hell.
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Looks like pain... But still nothing against some stuff i'm developing :p
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Its what you use when you don't like someone :p

I think its a mini-helios-cluster-bomb that has the ability to heat seek on turrets/subsystems.


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Hmmmm... I think the central pod is Armour piercing, and the side pods are shaped explosives. That way the AP round makes a hole and then the shaped charges explode into it, doing a lot more internal damage ;)


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Very interesting. Looks like one of the munitions Shrike and I used in Nodewars.
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Hey! Good to see you back.
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