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Your favorite missions in FS1?
Yes, another one! So, what are your favorite missions in the Freespace 1 main campaign? No reasons are needed, but appreciated. I'll limit this to three missions max (hey, don't blame me, I couldn't decide which ones I liked more:p). Mine are the Avenging Angels, First Strike and Running the Gauntlet.
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Your favorite missions in FS1?
Playing Judas... Black Omega... and the chase across Delta Serpentis.
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Your favorite missions in FS1?
We had this topic before...
A long ago.
The Great Hunt and the Good Luck
I also like the La Routa Della Fortuna and the mission where you capture the Taranis.
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Your favorite missions in FS1?
I've always been a fan of Exodus and The Great Hunt.  Of course, Good Luck is included automatically. :D


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Your favorite missions in FS1?
Oh man, there were so many...

--The Field of Battle really impressed me the first time I played it.  Much fun.
--The Hammer and the Anvil had great atmosphere.
--So did Playing Judas.  Nothing beats the "OH, CRAP!" moment when the Lucifer jumps in.  Well, maybe the "You're kidding me!" moment when Command tells you to fly into the docking bay. :D
--Evangelist was fun.
--Exodus had great atmosphere and really captured the feeling of recovering after a massive attack.
--Black Omega was lots of fun.  Take out a Typhon - whee!
--Good Luck goes without saying.

Those were the ones that stood out the most.  Overall I'd say Playing Judas, Black Omega and Good Luck.