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I realize it may be too-soon after release to expect much multi-player action, but is there any chance of getting a few dedicated servers set up?


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Ask Kazan to validate TBP on his PXO replacement.


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is there any way we could get a dedicated TBP ser er that doesn't require a signup or anything?  I never really liked PXO because you had to sign up to use it.  You had to log in every time you played, bla bla bla.  I know it's a good system for keeping track of scores and such, but i like open, generic servers better.


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The only way would be to play direct IP games and that's far more faffing about than simply playing with the current system :)

I really don't think logging in is such an imposition. You sign up once. Add it to the pilot file and then forget about it.
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Originally posted by Edwin
, but i like open, generic servers better.

because free registration for score tracking is such a problem :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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i would argue that some folks really don't care about scoring...and understand.  are any of you linux geeks?  do you mess with open source os'es and applications?  any kind of logging, logging in, etc. is generally seen as a big brother imposition, plain old imposition, and general pain in the arse...

it is like gamespy - gotta have a login to browse and play games - any games that require gamespy are games i do not buy and play.

not saying it is a bad thing necessarily, and my unit will prolly participate once we get MP up and running (gotta iron everything out first), but we generally do not like those systems...  Steam came out of that kind of thing - marketeers saw that folks would do this minimal login/data capture, then they slowly add more and more to it.  Soon you will need a ssl certificate to play some games...!!!  (yes, exaggeration - currently - but think about it)  You must also understand that some folks just don't like doing it - whatever their reason, so good thing you can do direct ip games.

not a slam or a dig - Kazan has done an excellent job replicating/replacing the PXO system to bring MP back to the game (do you need a mirror/failover for the service Kazan?).
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