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i just downloaded and played TBP, but there´s just one problem. I control my ship with my mouse, the way i did it in FS2, but it´s very slow and invented (when I want to move up, the mouse must be moved down). I have turned the mouse in the options menu on and turned tu full intensity, but it´s very slow anymore. Can anyone help me? It seems to be a great mod, so i really want to have fun with it.


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I set mouse sensitivity to max, and additionally bind a key to "move up"

Like this I can fly in circles when dogfighting ( no need for shrab-shrab-shrab-shrab-shrab........ ) and don`t need a joystick.

Actually, I prefer to fly with mouse nowadays. More precise.


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Seems to be a good way to maximise the agility. I´ll try it tomorrow.


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I too, find the mouse control very precise but hard. like Skullar wrote

Its strange that this has not been fixed yet, or can it be fixed ?
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Some suggestions to the Core Developer Team:

(1) use of modifier-key:
holding a modifier key should lead to faster movement; else there should be the actual precision

use of only one accelarator key instead of four; more precise

(2) relative mouse position:
speed and direction should dependend on the position of the mouse rather than the movement of the mouse; this means the wider the mouse is away from the middle dot of the screen the faster the ship should turn

no scrap-scrap; keeps precision

(2.1) eventually you can use log-scaled speed
speed = speed*k*1/log[1+sqrt(dx²+dy²)]
(hopefully this formula is correct - I haven't checked it)

makes suggestion (1) obvious

more to compute
need a litte bit to learn how to use

Solution to Drawback #1:
do not log-scale; use a inner (slow move) and outher (fast move) region

(2.2) Weapons should fire to mouse position rather than to screen middle (if the weapons are moveable like turrents)

better hit-rates even with lower precision
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Suggestion for better Mouse Controls than Default
Left Click/Hold: Fire primary Weapon
Doubleclick: Fire Rocket [1]

MouseWheelUp: faster
MouseWheelDown: slower

Middle + MouseWheelUp: next enemy Target
Middle + MouseWheelDown: prev. enemy Target

Shift + MouseWheelUp: next friendly Target
Shift + MouseWheelDown: prev. friendly Target

Shift + Middle + MouseWheelUp: next Subtarget
Shift + Middle + MouseWheelDown: prev Subtarget

Right Click: select visble Target or use HUD Control [2]

[1] Diabolo users will hate that ;)
[2] I like the way of selecting targets in Freelancer (every target is always marked - just click on them or select them from a list of possible targets) very much
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TBP does not make any code changes to the engine, that's Source Code Project's turf. So you might want to suggest all that in the SCP forums.

Then again, FS2 was designed as a joystick playable game, not mouse.