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hi am a new player to the project and i  canceled the user tips screen with a rong mouse click. anyway i can get it  back without reinstalling?


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Just create a new pilot to read the tips.

...damn timewarps...


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The easiest way to restore new user tips is to create a new pilot (or clone the previous one, if you want to keep your pilot's settings).
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Err, can i do a stupid question?

How do i lock the Venom missiles? i launch them and they fly straight.. i had read all controls again and again and i cant find how lock on venom missiles.. are they simple straight away missiles?


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They don't lock. Fire them once and they fly away from you. Fire again and they detonate taking anything out that is close to them.
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it seems that i was wasting missiles in my compulsive attacks on big ships pressing again and again the #2 button..