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Might need some help
First off this game looks great.  I'll call it worth the download just look at the ship specs page.  I downloaded Release 3 and the update patch not too long ago. And I've been fishtailing across the galaxy.  I've played with joystick settings both in game and recalibrated in the profile.  In game I decided to do alittle test and I pulled back on the stick and let it return to center and it's still moving for several seconds.  Same thing happens with mouse.  I've skimed through the forum only alittle bit and this may be a known issue or simply a setting problem.  Any advice would be great.

I've had one other experience with the FS 2 engine, with the WC Saga April Fools joke.  The ships there didnt fish tail and I could actually hit things.

I know for sure starfuries dont fish tail so I thought I'd get some help.  Played through B5:  I Found Her, is there any way to make this game have physics like that?

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Oh and system specs (just in case)

Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2
3.2 Ghz P4
ATI Radeon X600
WinXP Pro

Just making a guess,  if the joystick is calibrated then in the program itself, in options, there is a sensitavity and deadzone setting for the joystick that might need adjusting.  Never used a mouse though don't know.


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Not yet, to have physics like B5: IFH, that game would have rocked had it not been so long and boring.

Thanks for responding guys.  I played with the in-game settings and it helped alittle but it didnt get rid the problem.  So I played through the game.  Made a post on asking if that is how things in this engine fly.  Have a awesome spring break guys.  Only 9 more weeks until college or air force academy...  YEAH!