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Um, hi, etc... OK, I hate starting topics myself (it's something only newbies and vets are qualified to do, and I consider myself to be neither) but I'm after blaggin some help:

-> Any volunteers for a little light voice-acting?

You've probably all seen me post on the VBB - well I got four answers to that (!), and no-one's actually sent me any .wavs back yet. I'm hoping the guys and girls on on the HLP boards may be able to pitch in.

Anything is available, from single lines upto memebers of Alpha wing (i.e in it for whole campaign). It's only four missions + two training sims though, so nothing too heavy. BTW, need a good strong Amnerican voice to do the TSM instructor if possible.

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Originally posted by diamondgeezer:
well I got four answers to that (!),

Four?!  Wow, that's more than most people ever get.  Feel lucky.

I'd help, unfortunatly, you'd hear my abacus clicking in the background while I recorded it.  And my mic is broken.

Well, I guess you wouldn't hear it at all.

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I know there is a method, but all I see is madness.

Sorry, No mic, no software, no money, and (most importantly) no time.  

I hate having to refuse any plea for help but I just can't do sound.
I told you that It would be done by November, well, mostly anyway...

I'm working on something new... shhhhh, it's a seceret.


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I would but I hate hearing my voice, no way I'm going to record it...  


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Originally posted by betterthanyou:
I hate hearing my voice

Which is why I'm not doing any voices meself  

[EDIT] Terrible spelling again...

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