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quick (and stupid) question...
What exactly does an AWACS do? (Both in FS2, and what an AWACS can possibly do (jam comms? etc))?


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quick (and stupid) question...
Can see through nebulas (range of expanded sensor range determined by a SEXP). Can jam comms, I think. Mostly used as an early-warning system.
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quick (and stupid) question...
they jam enemy com going out of the system (calling reinforcements, ect).  


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quick (and stupid) question...
they can make good renders.
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quick (and stupid) question...
A real life AWACS (Airborne Warning And Command System) such as the E-2C and the E-3 are detection and control units.  They are used to detect hostile craft and generate intercept data for combat craft.  I personally do not have any knowledge of EW capability that such craft posses (probably has some really slick ECCM gear though).  
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quick (and stupid) question...
Originally posted by Carl:
they can make good renders.

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