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Today i play TBP after a long time. I get a crash in the game, first the game stopps, then after 20 secs it continios, then i get a blue screen with some "nv4_p" error or something ?

Whats this ? A bug in the game ?

I have no IRQ conflicts, only the Network Card an the Ge-Force use the same IRQ


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That error is referring to your video card drivers which happens to be NVIDIA drivers. Download the latest drivers from nvidia website, uninstall current drivers, reboot and install drivers from the file you downloaded. That should solve it.

Do this even if you've already got latest drivers installed.


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Do that this way, hope it helps ;)

I love your game, cannot wait for the next update :)

But their is on thing i missed........cockpits ;) This would made the game much more realistic