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how can the 70th be new, when the suicide kings are the 242nd?
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99th Skulls
107th Ravens

I wonder who the first ones are :wtf:


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Why... The Hammerheads, of course.
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1st Avenging Angels?
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Originally posted by freespace2pilot
how can the 70th be new, when the suicide kings are the 242nd?

Originally posted by ngtm1r
Unit numbering in long-existing military systems tends to be a bit of a mockery.

It's also possible that the 70th was a deactivated unit from the 14-Year-War or Great War and the unit's number, name, and insigina was reactivated for the Second Shivan Invasion.
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Originally posted by cannon_fodder
Since we are talking about real/previous Air Force Squadrons, does anyone know of any units as being called 'elite'?

The Waffen SS Divisions in WW2 were the Nazi elites from what I remember.
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