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I have TBP installed under
c:\Games\The Babylon Project,
and FS2 under c:\Games\FreeSpace2.

Both, obviously have SCP launchers.
The wierd thing is, when i make changes
in one launcher, it affects the other.

why is that? and how can i fix it?

furthermore, i just found out, that both registries tabs on both launchers dont work. It says "An error has occured reading from registry, cancelling"
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It's because some of the values for the launcher are stored in the registry. The way to fix it would be to modify the launcher so that it stores things locally :p
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It's not weird at all. Both launchers store the settings to exactly same Windows registry locations. At the moment this is the way it works, we cannot do anything about it, only the SCP team can.


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Launcher 6 fixes this problem.

Don't know when Random Tiger will have the time to finish it though.
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so when launcher 6 comes out, all i need to do is to replace the 5.2 laucnhers on both folders with the 6?