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My Joystick is plugged in alright, and works with other games, but it does not function at all in release 3.2, even with the force 0 and force 1 commands. Any suggestions?

You have joystick settings in game under options.  You can adjust deadzone and sensitivity for joystick.


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Doesnt help if i cant even bind the joystick buttons.


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What happens when you choose a joystick and click calibrate in the launcher? Does it attempt to calibrate the correct joystick?

No idea if that will help solve the problem but it may give a clue as to where the problem lies.
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I had the same problem way back when...I had to go to "control panel>game controllers>advanced>select device you want to use with older programs".
  Nothing else worked, took me a long time to figure it out. Good luck.
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Have you read the joystick problems section in the  TBPP readme? Try those tips out first.