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Emotional response to Raider Wars
I just completed mission 5. During the debriefing I almost cried. I was right in the blast when the Bradbury bought it, lost about a third of my hull there. But that debriefing... I had to close the game right there. I just couldn't keep playing. This campaign is amazing. I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with this or any other missions in general.

(Oh, on an unrelated note, I don't know the Babylon 5 story, I'm wondering what a good order to play the campaigns would be. *also wondering where to find a lot of them, the links of of the TBP website didn't work for me.*)


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Emotional response to Raider Wars
A lot of the Infestation moments were pretty scary.  To answer your question meis, the campaigns are largely self-sufficient, meaning that they don't often require much outside knowlege to play them and enjoy them.  However, some of the campaigns such as the Earth-Minbari War are taken straight from the show, so you may find them to be more enjoyable after watching B5.

And, my first time at this...


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Emotional response to Raider Wars
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Emotional response to Raider Wars
If mission 5 worked at all that's down to the outstanding voice acting of Emily Holmes as Cpt Tennison. No matter how bad the script was she always managed to deliver the dialogue flawlessly and with a completely believable sincerity.
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Emotional response to Raider Wars
I meant to post this ages ago right after I'd actually finished the campaign but you know; I'm pretty damn lazy.

Anyway point is it was a great campaign. Up there with retail fs2 and derelict (the top two I've played so far) story wise. The first time the Bradbury (the hyperion yeah?) was sabotaged it really caught me off guard. I replayed that mission about 5 times trying to save her until I realised it'd happen no matter what I did.

The difficulty was spot on in my opinion. I know alot of people complained about it and positioning being very important; gotta say I didn't find it to be a glaring issue in any way.

I think probably the most memorable moment was 'Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!'. Nice touch!

Sorry for bumping this thread but I don't think this campaign has gotten nearly enough praise or attention.

Looking forward to your future projects.
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Emotional response to Raider Wars
Aye... Psi cops watching Monty Python, Nice touch indeed...

Perhaps someone should make a campaign called "None Shall Pass"... I can imagine some cripplingly funny dialogue:

"Look at you big battlecrab, you've got no subsystems left!"

"Yes I have!"


"It's just a flesh wound on our organic hull."

The killer rabbit we have already encountered, in the Infestation Campaign  :D ...Or at least it's a bit less scary when you think it that way.

Sorry if I ruined the feeling forever... hope I didn't. :rolleyes:
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Emotional response to Raider Wars
Just love the "Narn-Speech": "Blood-craving Centauri, cowardly murderer of woman and children... " Spoke these words many time at work for myself! ;)

The voice-acting is imho a big highlight of the RW-Campaign, really nice work!!!