Author Topic: Who Plays FS2 Online?  (Read 2336 times)

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To be honest, Hunter, I really think you're the only clan that's still actively recruiting, maybe even playing.

we are mainly active in freelancer


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Originally posted by [DW]-Hunter
lol, well ur neither unless you were recruited, [DARKWING] site is

I was, my pilot name is DW-Starks. I haven't played in months though.
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hmm a tourney

team [SCP] will be unbeatable
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Is this tournament thing actually going to happen?  If so, coun't me in!  ...Once I get my multiplayer working, that is.  I'm getting those table errors as well.  :(
Should I back up all my data for the SCP and remove it from my FS2 folder, then put in the multiplayer files again?  It would be a pain to have to move all those files just to switch from SP to MP all the time.  Do I have to do that or is there an easier way?
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