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Problems with infernal.... Need help please..
Ok basically here is the gist I am using the latest Infernal CVS build, 3.8 media.vps delta files.. have the inferno R1 1.00 installed in the INF1 custom mod file, Sol A history is in there as well..
I HAVE Z7 unzipper and it wilL NOT unzip the z7 files from 002 to 005.. It unzips 001 fine but it says z7 does not support it.. really need help...
Also have the other two updates that were a normal rar file...

Could any one help me out this is seriouslly ticking me off -_-

Re: Problems with infernal.... Need help please..
That Update was done for use in INF R1 mainly, not for S:AH, I test it and works, so it seems to work ok, but it's more like a little advise...

Try to download the Latest Version of 7-Zip at, I believe I compress it using v4.28, the Compression algorithm is usually incompatible for older versions of the program, try using the last 7-Zip version

I'll have to upload a Full RAR File..........



No, you don't need to extract files 0002 to 0005, once you have all the 7z Files, you just select "Extract" over the 1st, and automatically all the others are uncompressed.

Once you uncompress it with 7-Zip, check in the "Properties" and see the size of the folder, it should between 90 and 100 MB.
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