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Two more noob questions
Two questions: 1. What is the mission ship limit. The original FS was limited but since the program has been highly modded ...   2.  How does the G.O.D. defense satellite function.  I would like to use it to protect a space station but what kind of orders do I assign to it in Fred. I believe that using "attack" as an initial order would cause it to move towards its' target.  I would like it to stay put and fire when an enemy vessel comes within range.  Any suggestions ???
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Re: Two more noob questions
1.)  I don't know what the ship/subsystem limit has been upped to.  Search feature here is broken.  Search feature on FSW is broken.  Hope of finding out limit right now...broken. 

2.)  You would be okay using the attack order with the GOD sat.  It cannot move around like a transport or fighter, only spin in place.  If you use the attack order, the platform should turn so that its weapons face the designated target.  Alternatively, you could simply position the GOD sat so that it faces in the direction of attackers before hand in FRED2 without giving it any orders and, provided its weapons haven't been locked, it will pick up targets in front of it on its own and fire at them.  In this case, it will not rotate to face targets however and will remain static in that regard.  So if you want the thing to fire one way then acquire another target 90 degrees to its right with its particle beam and missiles, you'll need to use orders.


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Re: Two more noob questions
1) Ships limit in FRED is 100. If you set a craft which FRED assigns the object number 101 (e.g. EA Aurora 100) it will simply disappear when saving

2) as Slasher said the GOD sat can't move on it's own... but you may alter it's the direction it is facing by the sexp "set-ship-facing" or "set-ship-facing-object" (both to be found "Change>>Coordinate manipulation") but this would cause the GOD not to turn but the jump instantiously to the right facing.... If you found it to track a target like this you will have to use an "every-time" instead of a "when" and will need to a condition for which causes this chase to end...
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Re: Two more noob questions
thx for the advice.  Your imput is always appreciated.
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