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I dunno if you guys have noticed this but in some missions where a ship has been in a current engagement and command says it has taken damage its hull strenght is still at 100%. and disabled ships have a hull strength of 100% also
such as big C and the galetea
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Thats done based on the most common possible outcome for the mission before it. For example, big C went 1on1 with a bigger, badder, uglier ship then it. The most probably outcome is that C takes at least some dmg. If you fail to disable the beams on the big S, then she will rip a nice little scar on the collosus
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The Big C's reported damage from the Command brief could always be due to internal damage, for instance the reactors overloading. It does not have to be damage to the hull.

As for the Galatea (and other examples), that is a bit odd. V should have lower the hull strength down slightly.  

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