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a question about FRED
im kind of new to this but were do u put the missions so u can play them?
i know i misspeld my name >_<

Re: a question about FRED
You save them in the missions folder under the data folder.  You then play them via the techroom by selection single missions rather than campaign missions.

Hope that helps.
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Re: a question about FRED

Welcome to the HLPBB.  Exits are located to your right, left and to the forward section of the installation.  Flamethrowers (which have been filled only with water for ages now) are located under your seats.  Access to the plasma rifles in the weapons locker is restricted to admins, V-gods, or a hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue.  Make sure to visit disco Inferno and our exclusive headz bar while you are here.  If you are on duct maintenance duty, and encounter Carl the Shivan while doing so, give him your lunch and he'll leave you alone.  If you do not, you just may find out what Shivans do to people they abduct, like Bosch  . Thank you and have a pleasant stay.

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