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Tech Question (FS2Multi)
I don't have a clue about this, I searched, this forum, and the VBB no usable answers....
I was wondering if anyone knew which ports you have to open to be able to host within PXO FS2...
Does anyone know?
I've never used a router so i wouldn't know..hehe Belldandy asked me to find out  

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get a program called 'Zone Alarm'
then run it, make sure it's completely up, and then run Freespace multi (turn off the router firewall or something) it will say 'freespace is trying to access the interent' click 'more info' or something and it will say which ports it's trying to access...
otherwise grant it permission,
then open up Zone Alarm, and go in and double click on 'freespace' or something...

i dunno