Author Topic: Why no-one can play freespace 2 today...  (Read 9748 times)

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Re: Why no-one can play freespace 2 today...
.... Mouse and keyboard?  You mean you can do that???   :eek:

How does it work compared to the joystick?  I've always used the joystick...
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Re: Why no-one can play freespace 2 today...
I've always used a joystick since 2000 for FS2 and I always have known you could fly with a mouse or just the keyboard but I never once actually tried it.  In fact, I sort of assumed that everyone just used a joystick!   :lol:

I have a logitech Extreme Pro.  I had a force feedback one, but the power supply broke.  As far as accuracy, I'd say the force feedback one was the least accurate.  They all use the same moters that provide the force feedback with keeping the stick upright, and it doesn't always work.  Plus you have that whole afterburner effect.  If it had a rumble effect, like what's in Xbox controlles, instead of the jerk the handle force feedback, it'd be better.  Get a stick that has 3 axes. 

Re: Why no-one can play freespace 2 today...
Having played for less than a week with my shiny new joystick, I have to say I'll never go back to my once-beloved arrow keys. Except for plane trips of couse. People get annoyed when I take my laptop out sometimes, I can't even imagine what I'd get if I brought out a joystick. They'd probably think I was trying to take over the plane via remote control or something.

 :ick: Pssssh. As if a 747 could stand up in a dogfight against the Shivans.