Author Topic: Can't get to Freespaceserver.Cjb.Net  (Read 1204 times)

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Can't get to Freespaceserver.Cjb.Net
I can't connect to the server takes to long to respond. anyway how to resolve this?

p.s. Before someone is going to kill me... I have a minefield around the location you are going to jump in....
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Re: Can't get to Freespaceserver.Cjb.Net
That really can't be helped as the FS2NetD server is down, hopefully not permanently..
Check this for more info:


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Re: Can't get to Freespaceserver.Cjb.Net
Begin plasma core insertion, gunnery control, open fire:

Welcome to HLP. Please keep all appendages within the installation at all times. Flamethrowers are located underneath all seats, however, due to the rising cost of oil, the ID / evolution debate (don't debate me on Whether or not there is a debate),V, and the meaning of life, the napalm has been replaced with Holy Water. Plasma rifles are located in the weapons locker, but only Admins,V, or a hyper-intelligent shade of blue have access to these areas. If you meet a Shivan in the ductwork it is most likely Carl, give him your lunch and back away slowly, odds are good you'll be fine. Recommend reading includes Karajorma's Freespace FAQ for general questions, and The Freespace Wiki for specific issues and questions.

8th kill. :)