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Inferno + SCP Issues
1) Got the SCP patch
2) Got latest Inferno build for SCP
3) I can get to the start screen for INF but if I try to start any of the missions I'll end up getting something like the attached picture

I tried to get the unofficial patch that's been linked to in a couple posts but the files won't download -_-

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Re: Inferno + SCP Issues
Target: DarkBasilisk. Begin plasma core insertion, gunnery control, open fire:

Welcome to HLP. Please keep all appendages within the installation at all times. Flamethrowers are located underneath all seats, however, due to the rising cost of oil, the ID / evolution debate (don't debate me on Whether or not there is a debate),V, and the meaning of life, the napalm has been replaced with Holy Water. Plasma rifles are located in the weapons locker, but only Admins,V, or a hyper-intelligent shade of blue have access to these areas. If you meet a Shivan in the ductwork it is most likely Carl, give him your lunch and back away slowly, odds are good you'll be fine. Recommend reading includes Karajorma's Freespace FAQ for general questions, and The Freespace Wiki for specific issues and questions.

19 kill. :)

Re: Inferno + SCP Issues
The only thing's that I have been able to find so far are the campaign and the SCP patch, like I said I tried to get the unofficial patch files that have been linked in a couple similar posts to these but the links are dead for me -_-


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Re: Inferno + SCP Issues
The error says its looking for the Ulysses in the mission file. Are you sure you have the INF campaign selected in the campaign room? or that the mission is an INF mission?

Re: Inferno + SCP Issues
Um... yea, its been so long since I tried INF or finished the fs2 campaign that I didn't notice the campaign briefing was fs2 -_- I'm going to go shoot something now...