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i asked this on the VBB just now but i somehow doubt that i'll get a meaningful reply.  is there a way to add ships to the tech database?  i've beaten the game on hard and done the SOC missions, but the database doesn't show several ships.  i went into the ships table and fiddled with the flags for each ship, but it didn't do anything.  am i missing something?

also, i downloaded the descent developer mission pack and had a lot of errors installing it.  it won't even run.  does anyone else have this problem?  (i run win98 se2)


i know how beams work.
i know how beams work.


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Yes, and yes.

Yes, it is possible to edit the tech database in FS or FS2...

go to  and download the program under 'tools' called "VPVIEW32" or "VPVIEW*something*" i can't remember...
take that program, install it, open your Freespace directory and it's files, and find a file under folder 'tables' (in VP VIEW) that's called 'Ships.TBL'... extract that, then put it under (Freespace Directory)/Data/Tables/
(if the directory 'tables' doesn't exist under 'data' that's OK, just create one...if you don't know how to create a normal folder then please post again, and i can help you with that   ) then open the file with notepad (click on it once to highlight it, then hold down left shift, then right click on the .tbl file, then click 'open with', and find 'notepad', click on it, and make sure 'always use this program to open this file' is NOT selected... ok, fine, you can select it if you WANT) then in the Ships.TBL file (opened now in notepad) you can edit ship speed, armor, weapon compatibility, etc. that's always good... and if you make a new ship, remember to make it 'player_ship'... also, at the bottom of each ship entry, is the 'tech database' thing or whatever, which has the picture and description, etc. for the tech database... at the beginning of the ship entries is the thing that says 'Player_ship' etc.  make sure it says 'in_tech_database' too (i belive that's it) that will make the ship appear in the tech database... do the same thing for weapons.

Remember, a ship cannot hold a weapon unless it's given permission to in the ship.tbl file.
 have fun!


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thanks for the reply.  when i was editing the ships table earlier i wasn't underscoring the spaces between 'in tech database'.  maybe that's the problem.  thanks
i know how beams work.


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excepted that tag (the tech data base one), messes up completly, some ships would have it won't appear, and so who doesn't will. I'm sure I missed something, but anyway it won't work right for me...