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Sushi, D3DFast is the option "Fast Direct3D textures" from the video setup in the FS2 launcher. Several of the registry entries are set by the launcher setup.
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Apothess: Er... take lots of screenshots?


anyone got a way to hack FS2's registry and disable the need for 3d acceleration?


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thanks shadow.  that helped me too.  hey apothetc., how 'bout them new 40k chaos models coming out?  pretty cool, huh?  sorry, i know this is the wrong BB for that.

anyone have problems with mods making fs2 unplayable?  i tried to install the GVI Cairo (which looks awesome, by the way), and FS2 just flopped.  wouldn't load any missions at all.  terran knossos did the same thing.

i know how beams work.
i know how beams work.



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Maybe you killed FS2 with a faulty table file. check the .tbl's if you broke their structure while installing them. Also look if ships/weapons.tbl of them are more than 380kb large. If so, remove some unneeded entries (GTD Galatea, Volition Bravos,...) or remove the comments from the files.

I know exactly what you mean about the dissapearing textures on the ships.  From what i've seen, it seems to only affect the capital ships.  It's like someone took a piece of glass and shoved it through the model, making large chuncks appear gone.  It almost looks like maybe a Z buffer problem, since on some ships i've seen, it almost looks like the ship is turned inside out, and when the model rotates, the skin seems to crawl on the model.  VERY weird.  Anyone have any ideas?

btw, Hiyall.  Just got the flip jewel case, has freespace and silent threat both for 10 bucks.  Worth more than that, but I'm not complaining.  


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Originally posted by deep_eyes:
anyone got a way to hack FS2's registry and disable the need for 3d acceleration?

Doubt that... the need for real 3D acceleration is there for a reason. Do you know how bad FS2 runs with minimal 3D acceleration? It'll run worse in software...
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