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Special High Intensity Training
Hi, This is being put up to list my faveourite techniques and tactics for a win.
We had S*H*I*T back in the Legion Of Apocalypse (the finest squad to grace FS2) and i reckon we cou;d compile some good tips for TNG of FS2 multi-pilots.

First and foremost, learn the different ships and weapons, The different ranges, and capabilities of each. Theres no point you trying to use a maxim if the targets heavily shilded. etc.

Choose about 3 faveourite loadouts one dogfight, one Bomber and one intercept role.

IE for dogfight i use Erniyes with Kayser, Maxim and Trebs, Tornadoes.
Maxim has a 4K range so between the trebs and MAxim i cna pick off from a long way, The others come into play when the range is less than 12oo metres.

For bomber, i love the Sekhmet, ITs a good mix overall, and Harpoons two Cyclops banks and a maxim are my faves.

Missile dodging is a skill that once perfected will seldom do you wrong, If you need to, go back and do the training mission on high difficulty, Once a locks been achieved on you (little arrow appers orbiting your sight) climb hard while using the roll controls to keep the arrow on your 3 or nine o'clock, As the Arrows tail gets near its shortest, Hit the burners and drop 2 - 3 chaffs.

You should always evade.

With regards to speed, use the power assignment  to reduce your shield power one notch, put speed to two thirds, and use A and Z (or joystick equivalents) to vary your speed (never match targets speed o you will get E-raped), And use your burners to get out of trouble.

If your shield energy gets low, shunt it from the guns reserves, Try not to use auto equalise as this will thin the shields out too quickly, USe the arrow keys to strengthen whatever side your getting pimped from and over charge with gun reserves as mentioned earlier.

I'll leave cap attack tactics for the next poster........
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Re: Special High Intensity Training
I'll leave cap attack tactics for the next poster........

Those really depend on what mission you're playing. In Rebel Intercept, there was a very standard sequence of attack positions and movements to finish the mission. The best way to pick it up is probably to watch someone else run through it. The procedure for the Corsica, for example, was to fly up about 2000m, destroy the rearmost big turret with the Maxim and then launch bombs at one of the towers in the back (there were some subsystems there on the original model, but they're messed up on the high poly version). In FEBA, the usual tactic for the Chemosh was to approach it from the front and destroy both LReds quickly with Helios volleys, and then just sit there and wait for the Zednanreh to finish it off.

People didn't play dogfights that often in the PXO days (RI and NWTR were probably the most popular missions), but I used to take a Serapis, Ulysses or anything that could turn fast and load it with Rockeyes and Harpoons. Dogfights often became turning contests after you dodged the initial missile volleys, so a high maneuverability was important to have. The harpoons in general were quite difficult to evade under normal lag conditions. Most of the original TvT maps didn't allow them at all, and I think that was one of the main issues of contention when Malboeuf's Sobek Duel mission was validated. Piranhas are also good during dogfights (unless you're playing with the "no fish no fire no emp" crowd), although fairly useless in TvT games.

One thing to note is that everyone was using low object updates on PXO, so primary weapons rarely worked against fighters. If anything has been changed with the netcode since then, it's possible that there are better dogfight and TvT tactics nowadays than what used to work well.

You know, I wonder if lagbombing is still possible. That used to kick up a storm practically every other week in Deimos Duel, back in the Squadwar days. :D
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