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You're doing it wrong.
Tough cookies.  If you don't have anything constructive to add to your criticisms, don't go blabbing them here.  I don't want to just hear your problems with how we do stuff unless you have some sort of solution or positive statement to say about it.  Leave the nay-saying at the door.

Isn't this mod dead?
Not if I have something to say about it.

Where can I download it?
It's not available yet.

When will it be available?

Who the hell are you?
The new project lead of Fate of the Galaxy, the Star Wars Conversion Project.

How can I help?
Make your skills known via the forums.  a list of what's needed is available.

Isn't there already another Star Wars mod in the works?
There is another Star Wars mod available for FreeSpace 2.  However, I think the Star Wars universe is big enough to handle more than one mod.

Where do you guys hang out?
On Espernet's IRC servers, same as hard-light.  Go to for a list.  I use, on port 6667.  The channel is #scp-swc.  Or, use our Mibbit FotG Chat module.

Why's the website so outdated?
It's not anymore.  Check it out.

Model X looks too long/short/narrow/wide/tall/squished/etc
Ok, we've been really picky about sticking to whatever references there are available for all the models we're working on.  Most of the time, any complaints like this are due to a particular render's perspective.  We've literally had complaints that the ISD was both too long AND too short based on which render people had looked at.  So please, trust us to get this part right.

That ship size is WAY off from what's listed in Wookiepedia!
The only Star Wars canon that we actually care about is what you see on screen during the Original Trilogy.  Throw everything else you know (or think you know) about Star Wars out the window, because we're going to trample all of that under our feet and stamp it into a gooey mess in the pursuit of perfectly capturing the look and feel of those movies like has never been done before.

Why aren't you including my favorite ship, the TIE Defender/Missile Boat/VCX-100/Arquitens Cruiser/obscure EU ship/obscure Disney canon ship?
Our current shipset is based on our initial and planned campaign needs, which generally focus in the OT or just post-OT era.  Our priority has always been to include as many ships from the OT as possible, and we're still missing a few important ones.  We simply don't have the manpower to include every fan request for a ship. That said, our policy has always been that any model donations are welcome and would likely find their way into the shipset, provided they meet our standards for quality and fit in with the overall look and feel of the OT ships.  If they happen to fill a niche in a campaign we hadn't considered they might even be able to get dropped in.  They would also be available for any other campaign or mission developers to play with after release.

There's a few ships that you're simply never going to see officially from our team though, because we as a team feel they are either overpowered, don't fit our view of how the Star Wars universe works, or are in the wrong time period.  Don't agree with us?  That's fine - make it yourself and provide it to the community as an unofficial add-on.
Examples include the TIE Defender, Missile Boat, and almost everything from the prequel trilogy.

At some future point, we may be interested in doing a campaign using ships from episodes 7-9, so they're not completely off the table, but not currently a priority.

This game looks amazing, in fact it looks so amazing it won't run on my POS computer!  Make it less pretty!
Seriously, shut.  The frak.  Up.  This game is nowhere near release as of this writing, so stop complaining that a game being designed to take advantage of, but still run on less than, today's modern hardware.  This was a choice by the design team, if that isn't your cup of tea, we can gladly point you in the direction of games made when your computer was.  If your computer really is that old you'll probably have a new one by the time we release, and if not, I have the world's smallest violin here, playing "My Heart Bleeds For You".

What happened to all the stuff I see in your videos and screenshots that we don't hear about anymore?
To set the record straight: These are not ours.  The only content for this mod is what we've done since the restart.  No previous assets are being used.  Trust us, when you see the finished product you'll be glad that we're not using the old stuff.  It's not that it was bad, it was just old, and doesn't stand up to the current works we've put out using newer technologies.  This mod inherited a name, but this is not, I repeat, NOT the old Star Wars Conversion, this is Fate of the Galaxy, something entirely new. 

If I've left anything out, message me or ask it on the forums and I'll be glad to add it to this list.  It's locked, so if you have any questions about it ask on the forums as well.  I just don't want this one to get cluttered.
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