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Is it worth 8 quid?


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Not sure what a quid is, but if it's 8 dollar I'd say give it a try.  :)

The models are a little lowpoly, but it has nice background and the fight and flight system is fun. It has no joystick support (Afaik) but it's the only flight game I know that has an excellent mouse control for the flight. The story is also not bad, even if the ending suffers from budget shortenings and a rushed release. One thing is to mention, while you can fly a lot on the 3rd axis, everything in the universe is more or less placed on the same height level. But this doesn't hurt the play fun.

And since the voiceacting was even good in the german version, it can only be good in the original. :)

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The story is good up until the very end.  other than that shortcoming, i think its a good game.
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Oh, and I forgot those excellent localized nebulae, asteroid and debrisfields :)

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The game mechanics are generally crap and the story certainly isn't a marvel of originality, but it still manages to be entertaining the first few times through. And exploring is fun.
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Stir up trouble with the local pirates is fun.

The only real fun is in multiplayer, where it's truly freeform, and you can kill humans rather than AI. :D
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Good music, fun to play, story isn't grand but it's coherent and makes sense.

Just remember you'll be better off ignoring the story summons at certain points so you can build up your cash reserves and get a better ship.
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Eh.  It's a fun diversion for a short while.  No real lasting value - the weapons are far too samey for that - but it's a short little diversion. 


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8 quid should be about $16 cdn, if i'm understanding right.  Go for it, i paid full price and don't consider it a waste.  Tis enjoyable enough.
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your right there, albiet i got kicked out of a few forum sites, mainly jolt because my views were different.
the game itself is good, i mean how the hell do you survive in some place like tau 29 in the campaign?
then you got the fighters in libery, where you attack a certain object to let a certain ship in to operate in the area, these missions are sane and just possible  :P. but then you got places like the planet trent was rased and the person who rased him, it was interesting to see that :lol:
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Freelancer is okay if you have nothing else to do.

Graphics are nice and some of the systems are great to look at. What I really enjoy is the random NPC encounters.

Freelancer could have been better though...


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Well I bought it shortly after it came out and sort of havn't stopped playing it on and off, even found myself on one of the administration teams for over a year so in the most shameless plugging sort of way...yes, buy, buy, buy.
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Freelancer is good, not great but good, specially if you have the patience to explore all systems, in my opinion if you want more action you're better off getting Starlancer wich is its prequel.

I really enjoyed Freelancer.

If you do too, you'd love Darkstar One.  It's mouse-controlled like Freelancer, mechanics of trade and taking jobs is very similar, but it's different enough to be nowhere near the same game.  I've spent many hours on both.
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A space sim isn't a space sim unless you get to use a joystick! :p

The controls are pretty well done, in the sense that you dont need a joystick to play it to the best of its ability (in fact, some say its better WITHOUT a joystick).

It is a worthy addition to the space sim community, but doesnt come CLOSE to matching up against Freespace 2.  :lol:

Worth getting though. I enjoyed it. But after the main storyline is finished, its gets very boring, very quickly.


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I hope this is a good thread to post this question: better Freelancer or Starlancer?
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Freelancer IMO. Starlancer I never completed. The second mission with an ion cannon was not possible.
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I'm having trouble distinguishing the two missions, but they were a *****. I got stuck on the last mission.

That last mission was a pain.  I did beat it eventually.  Just gotta realize that despite what the screen might tell you, you don't have a choice in what ship you're flying.  You must have the one with the cloak, or you're toast.