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Is this ship going to be in INF2 or did it get tossed?


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It's still there.


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And it's got an upgrade too. ;7


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Good cause I really like that ship. and an upgrade huh. what kind of upgrade we talking about here?


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An upgrade to something that I would consider probably the most evil EA capship already? I hope that means a graphical upgrade...
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Obviously. I've seen piccys of it (admittedly, rather old ones) shooting at Lucifers with railguns, with a graphical upgrade, and a nameplate.

Hooray for the Nemesis!

I love the CO's quote on the Nemesis Inferno mission: "My superiors confirm the surrender. Consider yourselves... fortunate."  :D

You've gotta love a quote like that.
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I would also like updated gunpoints, atm the Nemesis really loves to shoot through its own hull.  ;7
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There are some screenies of the new Nemesis, right? Go see them!
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Should be pics in the eyecandy thread.