Author Topic: What shall I buy for my vacation ?  (Read 965 times)

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What shall I buy for my vacation ?
In a few days I finally get 2 weeks of vacation. But I'm unsure what to do at this time (and don't tell me to go out and meet other people :D )

What should I get me to keep myself busy ? Adventures and space games are great, also strategie, maybe some shooters (if not to scary) . Since Supreme Commander and C&C TW isn't out yet, what is to be recommended ?

I'm currently in decision between Gothic 3 (is is patched and playable now ?) or Neverwinter Nights 2 (how is it ? ) I loved Gothic 2, just discovered it a few months in the past and played it at my last vacation for 10 days in a row (16 hours a day :D )  Anything else interesting  ?
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Re: What shall I buy for my vacation ?
i would stay away from gothic3 unless you have a mighty system...
good game though (really benefits from 2 gig of ram)


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Re: What shall I buy for my vacation ?
I'd pick a game from a genre you'd normally never, ever try has gotten good reviews but always thought "nah, not really my thing" and give it a go.  Much cheaper if you go for a golden oldie, and it does wonders for broadening those horizons.
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Re: What shall I buy for my vacation ?
A nice game that has pretty lax system requirements is Deus Ex. It should be cheap, too, because it's from way back in 2000. It has a really good plot. Although it's a FPS game (it's more of a FPS/RPG hybrid), it is no where near an action game. To really get the plot you walk around and you  read newspapers, talk to random people. In certain levels there are a few side 'quests', also.

There now that I went through the trouble of writing that, I bet you already played the game :p


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Re: What shall I buy for my vacation ?
since you seem to like first person rpg's (gothic)

i would suggest vampire bloodlines its a fantastic game
although released full of bugs - these have now been fixed by a third party patch
read some reviews + keep in mind the bugs have been fixed now....