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Bug/Issue with FSport weapons loadout
I'm having real issues with FSPort, seems like pretty much every mission, the weapon loadout is completely messed up.  By default everyone is usually carrying MX16 lasers, and there's no other weapons available to change them too.  I've been just playing regardless, but now I'm on the mission where I'm to destroy the Eva, and instead of tsunami bombs, I'm loaded out with about 50 MX50s.   The weapon bar to the side indicates my only choices to load out with are Furys and MX50's, and both of them are showing zero available.  Some ships in gamma wing aren't getting ANY weapons, and there's none available to give them. 

I've got the latest version of FSport (3.0.4).  Since this makes the game pretty much unplayable now, I'm assuming this isn't an issue most people are getting.  Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, and what I could do to fix it?  Any advice is appreciated. 


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Re: Bug/Issue with FSport weapons loadout
Did you restart the campaign when you switched from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4?
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why would an SCP error be considered as news? :wtf: *smacks Cobra*It's a feature.