Author Topic: Allegiance. Has anyone played this?  (Read 933 times)

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Allegiance. Has anyone played this?

Someone made a passing reference to this on another forum, and I checked it out. It sounds pretty sweet, but I can't find it anywhere (it was said to be freeware). Has anyone heard of or played this before? And do you know how to get ahold of it? :)
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Re: Allegiance. Has anyone played this?
i do recall trying to make it work, but it was pretty weak graphics wise and there was nobody around anyways...

I wouldn't waste your time, its a pretty dead game from what i recall, and that was two years ago. 
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Re: Allegiance. Has anyone played this?
i quite liked it although i havnt played it for ages
grab it here


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Re: Allegiance. Has anyone played this?
i played it, but the horrible way it looked was what got me back into fs2.

combine the two games, and you'd have something pretty sweet.
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