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had he, on the other hand, declared himself alpha one...
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didnt Derek Smart buy the rights to FreeSpace 3 a while back?

no. he blew a load of hot air, declared himself an "alpha male" and disappeared into the ether.

We effectively scared him off :D - is what became of his desire for a Freespace game, methinks.


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I remember feeding that thread for pages... *sniff* ah the nostalgia.
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So let's see here...

The first Red Faction was bland, half-assed garbage.

Red Faction 2 was apparently even worse.

So I'm guessing Red Faction 3 will wipe your hard drive and spray acid in your face.
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OMG perhaps Volition is working on a game called FreeSpace3! That would be awesome! *runs* :D
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Seriously, what is it with the n00bs thinking it's funny to keep saying "FREESPACE#3 L)lz!!11"? It's not funny or original, but it is stupid.


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It's because they're warned so vehemently to not say it, the temptation's just too great.
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i finally found a copy of rf1 in a bargan bin for 5 bucks. now the game was designed for dx8, i have dx9. now usually i have no problem running dx8 games on dx9, i usually dont get into problems till i try running dx6 or dx5 games, but nope, my game is choppy as crap. graphics are ****ed. that geomodding which was awesome back on the ps2 version, messy. now i tried rf2 maybe it would work, nope, crashes frequently. with the series run of low survivabilty and lack of future proofing, i certainly hop they dont make another one.
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