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Patrol waypointing and following
I've got a mission where the player needs to follow a certain lead wingman (who is on the same wing) on a waypoints-once patrol. At certain waypoints during the patrol, events will occur and these usually involve some shooting.

Thing is though, whenever the said event is over, the lead wingman will always start over from the first waypoint.

Anyone got any alternatives so that the wing proceeds on to the next waypoint instead of starting over? I don't want a mission that takes over 20 minutes to complete... the current single waypoint path is fairly long as it is.
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Re: Patrol waypointing and following
Use a seperate waypoint path (even if it's only one waypoint) for each leg of the patrol, and tie a waypoints-once goal for the next leg to the completion of each event.
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Re: Patrol waypointing and following
Use multiple waypoint paths each ending at the waypoint where the events occur.

Say you have waypoints 1.1 1.2 2.1 & 3.1

Have the ships do waypoint once path 1
they will go to 1.1 then to 1.2
do the events
order then to do waypoints once  path 2
they will go to 2.1
do events
order waypoints once path 3
you get the idea
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