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Author Topic: FreeSpace 1 or FreeSpace 2  (Read 8857 times)

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Re: FreeSpace 1 or FreeSpace 2
Honestly with fs1, i never got scared, i just didn't like dragons until i got a well placed missile on them or got far away from them. And the taranis was just another shivan cruiser that's relatively easy to take out. Fs1 set in real good and deep that hopeless feeling.

What actually scared me was a good deal of the nebula missions in fs2, and the second soc loop where it's nothing but shivan territory. That was scary.
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Re: FreeSpace 1 or FreeSpace 2
Yah, those gave me shivers, too.


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Re: FreeSpace 1 or FreeSpace 2
Blah. The FS1 missions were scary because you didn't have nebula placed everywhere to make it look like abstract art.

Re: FreeSpace 1 or FreeSpace 2
What sucks for FS2 is that all the good names were already taken. Apollo is one of my favorite ships, and judging from its popularity in campaigns, it must be pretty popular. Apollo was a cool ship with a cool name, as were the Ulysses,  Leviathan, Medusa, and Valkyrie. When you heard names like that, a picture popped into your head. Even "Ursa" made you think of a big bomber, or at least reminded you of the disney character. But it's kind of hard to get excited by names like Myrmidon, Artemis, and Erinyes... I know you're "supposed" to learn all this Greek mythology stuff at some point, it's just that none of this stuff invokes a mental image like Hercules, Apollo, and Orion did.

Same for weapons. Names like ML-16, Flail, Avenger, Prometheus, and Bashee really matched the "use" of the weapons. But Subach, Mekhu,  and the like don't have the same martial ring. The weapons also feel just like imitations of FS1 weapons, and I think :v: could've done better. Cyclops and Harpoon are OK names, for example, but Tsunami and Harbinger were good names for big explosives, and Interceptor matched the missile's role perfectly (actually, Harpoon may be a better name, I'm just such an FS1 junkie that I prefer interceptor). FS1 already snatched up a lot of good names, so FS2 had to make do with second-best in some places.