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Re: looking for a good online shooter
I've got an itch to run around and shoot people, human players, not AI. My problem is that AFAIK shooters boil down to either run 'n gun reflex based affairs (quake, unreal) or overly realistic tactical shooters (counterstrike, rainbow 6, GRAW, battlefield, everything). I'm simply not good enough to compete with the junkies that play counterstrike all day long, and I hate tactical shooters. Is there anything out there that strikes a good balance between these?

I want something where I can use my wits to help me rather than skill alone, but still be able to take a few hits and keep on fighting. RPG qualities, like stats, equipment, inventory, etc. would be great but aren't absolutely necessary.

I've been playing Gunz a little bit and it doesn't quite satisfy. I like how it mixes gunplay with swordfighting and being able to gain experience and buy better equipment, but it's too easy for people to exploit glitches in the game and use cheap tricks and such.

Thoughts, suggestions?
Sounds like you want Battlefield 2.  They now have a nifty everything in one package out there (BF2, Special Forces, Armored Fury, Euro Force) for $25 or so.  Its themed like the more serious tactical shooters but isn't quite as serious....but also isn't the massive twitchfest that some of the other shooters are like.  BF2 is also pretty much all multiplay or singleplay with bots so that fits your other requirement.  Not sure what you think about the vehicles but you can pretty much ignore them if you don't like vehicles or play on servers that are infantry only.

Personally I think its a riot planting AT mines watching a big powerful tank blow up and then shooting some infantry with my automatic shotgun playing as the Engineer class.  That or all of the deviousness I've had with the C4 explosives and the Special Forces class (which also gets to toat my favourite G36C rifle as an unlock).
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Re: looking for a good online shooter
Urban Terror has the G36.  Standard issue (all weapons are standard issue...) :p


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Re: looking for a good online shooter
Have you tried Enemy Territory ? I find it heaps of fun without having to play 6 hours a day to be good.
Yes, I like W:ET, too!
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Re: looking for a good online shooter
I played warrock in closed and open was fun, but it wasnt very high quality.
The open beta showed a lot of promise. I actually thought it was a great balance between quake style and bf2 style
sort of like counterstrike, but much more military.
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