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Hi there.

I recently came back to playing this game again because of FSO (my day was made when i discovered that there were people still developing an playing this game) . Played it loads some years ago because i got it with a computer i bought.

I'm having a problem that is a little annoying. The game seems to be going by at 2x speed. When i look at the mission time counter the seconds are flying away. Its especially annoying in training missions because the instructor only gets half way through the message before a new one starts (being away form the game for a long time of course requires some training to get back ;) ).
Anyone know what the problem could be?

(And could you tell me what button disrupt sensors cause i didn't catch it because of the 2x in training :) )


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You've probably got time compression turned on - check your key bindings under 'Options' to find the command to shut it off.


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@ _-psycho-_


To turn time compression of is usually set by default to Shift +, (That's shift and comma together) and Shift+. (Shift and full stop/period together) to turn the time comrpession up!  ;)
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