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D3D vs OpenGL little problems
hi every one, first of all congratulations for this mighty job, TBP 3.4 is just superb, i've been a long way fan as i was first hooked on Free Space 1, and then.... FS2, BTRL, WCS and of course TBP.

I must first apologyse for my poor english: i'm french (no one is perfect lol).

I just want to know is someone can fix a little problem of my own.

I've got an unichrome pro 3D card, and well it is not at all impressive but it works fine with most of the games i play as for exemple Wow (the last drivers are very good), but i'm experiencing two ugly problems with TBP, if i use D3D, all works fine exept the ogg movies that are some kind of "acid kaleidoscop melt of coulours and string". On the other hand, if i use OpenGl, the movies work fine but all the ingame menues appear as an empty white screen (so it's quite difficult to navigate accros the game, i have to click guessing where are the buttons).

I suppose that the problem is my hardware, but if someone does know what i can do? An other hint, the problem under D3D is only with ogg movies as the intro séquence in Avi for Survivor works quite fine.

I would of course rather to use opengl, (it's more impressive than D3D and there are no bugs as the hits smoke one)

And please don't just tell me to buy a Gforce 8800, i just want to know if i can do it with my unichrome.

Anyway thanks for all.


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Re: D3D vs OpenGL little problems
Use OpenGL, and update your graphics drivers. The ones you have clearly don't work.
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Re: D3D vs OpenGL little problems
From what I know of the Unichrome even updating won't help. Even with the newest drivers it's still likely to have serious bugs in OpenGL mode.

wharg, you're only real option is to simply convert the movies to .avi and hope they work. But even that won't work after FS2_Open 3.6.10 is released as avi support is being removed from the engine since it never worked that well.
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Re: D3D vs OpenGL little problems
And please, just tell me to buy a GeForce 8800, I just know I can do without my UniChrome.

Anyway thanks for all.

np ;)