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awaking/darkspear/distingofpeace Q's
i have a question for the group.  when i try selecting either awaking mod or darkspear-hit run-select in campaing-then try starting campaign. it acts like it will load the first mission then on both awaking and darkspear it will give me an error message saying something like <terrn_navbouy> etc then asks me to go into debugger or canel. hitting debugger seems to do no good help

second in disiny of peace i (and annoyingly my wing) start with no weapons and the only way to get them is to call in support which is annoying as all poo.  how about the some help thanks

answer to first post:  i did not screw around with anything, i can select the mod in the launcer and run it but when it goes to load the first briefing it gives me this errer message anything and yes i did select it insteacd of regular campgn
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Re: awaking/darkspear/distingofpeace Q's
The post's a bit unclear, but let's revise a few things.
1. Did you select Cardinal Spear/Awakenings/what ever as your mod from the MOD tab in the Launcher?
2. After that, did you select the same campaign from the campaign room in the game?
3. You sure that you have a mod.ini file in the Awakenings/what ever folder that says
Code: [Select]
secondarylist = FSPort;
? Assuming that your FSPort folder is called FSPort.

Of course, if you used Turey's Installer, everything should be alright, assuming that you downloaded everything, particularly FSPort, and didn't try to fiddle with anything yourself.
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