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FSPort: Mission glitches
Thanks to turey & the lads, I've got FSOpen installed and I'm reliving Freespace in its extended graphical glory.

As I'm a "by the numbers" kinda guy, I've got fsport installed and I've started from the very beginning. So far, I'm up to the HOL suply depot mission, and I've noticed a few hiccups along the way, so I thought I'd best list any glitches as I encounter them so that the FSPort team can check them out.

1) Training Mission 3: Missile countermeasures. This mission is a bit of a dud, because you never actually get to see if your countermeasures work! The training cruiser jumps in, the Instructor says it is going to fire some dummy missiles at you for you to practice your evade moves, but the cruiser just sits there. No missiles are ever fired. I can fly right up to the cruiser and as I move around the missile turret I can see the turret tracking me, but it never fires. Eventually, the mission timer runs out and the cruiser departs.

2) Training mission 5: Interceptor and shield training. This one is a complete dud! Firstly, the mission briefing does not auto-advance to stage 2. Secondly, you start the mission with NO missiles. None. No secondary weapons whatsoever. The mission is stuck at the beginning, because it cannot progress until you have locked your Interceptors onto the freighter.

I'll continue to work through all the missions and I'll add to this thread as I encounter them.



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Re: FSPort: Mission glitches
1) I think if you're playing at a low enough difficulty level, the cruiser really doesn't shoot you.

2) Did you get the improved training mission from the Useful stuff link like I said (at least I think I did)? More mportantly, you should extract the missions file from the .7z file to your \freespace\fsport\data\missions folder. If the folder doesn't exist (which is likely), just create it.
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Re: FSPort: Mission glitches
Yes, you will need the fixed version of Advanced Training.

As for the cruiser mission, A) you have to drop countermeasures (like your instructor tells you to) to get the Neptune to start firing, and B) if you're too close then the missiles won't target you. Put yourself about 700m below the cruiser because the missile launcher is mounted on the bottom. It's stupid, I know, but it's Volition's design. Either way, if you follow instructions the Neptune will warp out after a few minutes whether it fired any missiles at you or not.