Author Topic: Sound not working properly in Ubuntu (Gutsy)  (Read 1198 times)

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Sound not working properly in Ubuntu (Gutsy)
This is a problem I've only encountered since I upgraded to Gutsy.  Freespace worked fine in Feisty

The game loads up, I have sound but there is a strange background noise.  Almost crackly.  Plus when sound plays it is intermittent.

Has anyone encountered this type of problem and has anyone else tried freespace on Gutsy?

Re: Sound not working properly in Ubuntu (Gutsy)
I had the same problem until recently running SCP in Windows XP, intermittent crackling and popping sounds at random intervals.  Turns out my drivers for the on-board Realtek soundcard were the culprits, even though it worked fine in every other game I own.

If you have on-board sound by Realtek, I'd check to see if there's a newer driver version to try.  This might be totally unrelated since it's a different OS, but your description fit my symptoms perfectly.  Can't hurt to check I suppose.
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Re: Sound not working properly in Ubuntu (Gutsy)