Author Topic: FS2 O 3.6.9 'Hacked Tables' error and multiplayer  (Read 1131 times)

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FS2 O 3.6.9 'Hacked Tables' error and multiplayer
I've recently come across FS2O and so I've been mucking around with it, I even installed BTRL cause it seems there are more ppl playing that at the mo. Unfortunately I've gone and patched it from my original version 'Shivan install v1.5c' and it comes up with the 'Hacked tables' error that was advertised when I dled the patch, now I can't play any mp and that sux.

I've checked my pxo cfg and that matches up to the latest config

Dunno what to try next, suggestions?


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Re: FS2 O 3.6.9 'Hacked Tables' error and multiplayer
The hacked tables warning is simply because you're playing with the media VPs. If you go back to the launcher and click No Mods on the mods tab it will go away but the game will downgrade to the original 1999 graphics.

When you want to play SP just go back to the mods tab and select media VPs as your mod.

BTW Shivans 1.5 is very old. You probably should get hold of Turey's installer from the General Freespace forum and run that so that it can update your install.

As for BtRL we're aware of the hacked tables message and it will be fixed very soon.
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