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I recently heard a piece of National Public Radio about QA testers for Volition. I was very disappointed when Mike Kulas failed to utter "interactive space terrain". This brought me back to the 1998-2001 period. I would like to know what happened to the following people:

Wildwolf / Todd Miller
Remora / Ben <something>?
Dave Baranec
Nathan Camrillio (aka Nathanachu)
Anyone involved with or whatever it was

Any ideas?
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What? I don't understand what you are talking about.

Then again, I have only recently become an active member of the FSO.
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Icefire is the head of BWO no?  :p


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Icefire and Ace are still regulars here. Zylonbane and Dynamo pop in maybe once a year. I believe Heretic is at Warpstorm. The rest vanished long ago.

I think The Bar is still around on AJK's personal site, but I don't know if anyone goes there anymore.


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Wow, old names...


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I saw Todd a few years back after he moved back to Dayton, OH when THQ bought out Volition. We went out to a couple bars and got completely sloshed and I haven't heard from him since. He might still be in the area for all I know.

Alphakiller posts a lot on Something Awful under the name Psion.

Last I heard from Ben/Remora he was moving up to Minneapolis in a neighborhood really close to Kyle (Orange). This was years ago and I don't know if they're both still there or not.

I think Dave Baranec still works at Volition. I remember seeing his bio there when I browsed through their site a few weeks ago. Nathan C does not work there anymore however. Not sure where he ended up.

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Brandx0 (Brando) is the head modeler of the SWC.
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