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Anyone know this game ? I was bored over the free days at new year, so I browsed the Internet and found that game at (yes, I pay for my games :) ) I remember read something about that in PC-Games, and since I loved the Crusader-NoRegret shooter from my youth I thought I could give it a I had so much joy I thought I post it here, maybe I can make someone else happy

It's a really fun game which can amuse you for a couple of hours (9 hours for one play through, though I had to cheat in the final levels, the number of enemies is getting ridiculous ), but it costs only 9,- € , so I thought "Hey, nothing is lost ) That game is, like the title says all about shooting aliens, don't expect a big story or good riddles, this game is just good for permanent shooting and extrem bloody alien splattering (this is what it makes so funny in my eyes :p  )

For the (really good) graphic (1024x768 is max) the death animations of the creatures are really good (some explode, some will be blast into bloody bits or loose boody parts, I really enjoyed that) Typical mission debriefing : "You killed 1492 from 1550 aliens", no kidding :)  Also funny, every time you think you have the most destructive weapons, there comes ones which is even better, deadlier, funnier....

What's also so funny (if you like that kind of thing of course) is the incredible splattering mess you leave in each room or corridor, which stays forever (so not the usual vanishing of death bodies). Here take a look at a before and after picture (and that only a small group with tiny aliens)

Before :      (380 KB)

After (RIP)      (380 KB)

So, if you look for something to vent your frust and anger, I can really recommend that little game for just a few bucks :)

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It's a lot of fun, but the game only lasts about 6-8 hours unfortunately.