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I used to have SCP installed in XP, and it worked just fine.  I recently installed Vista and reinstalled SCP, but whenever I launch the game in OpenGL mode, the screen kind of flashes and shows some weird lines, then it crashes.  I can run it in D3D mode, but I'd obviously prefer OpenGL.  Is this a Vista-related problem?  Is there an easy fix?  I'm running Vista Business edition, and my video card is a Radeon 9700.

Also, I probably won't be able to access this topic for about a week, so I'll try to catch up with any questions then.  I might be able to access it tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet.


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Update your graphics card drivers. The first few sets of drivers for vista were crap.
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why would an SCP error be considered as news? :wtf: *smacks Cobra*It's a feature.

Okay, I updated my driver again, and that issue seems to be fixed, but now I have another random issue.  It seems like whenever I'm near an engine thruster, and it's getting rendered on the screen, the game just hangs.  For instance, this happens if I fly up behind a freighter, or if I go into third-person view, and use my afterburners.  I'm using the 3.6.9 build, and the 3.6.8 zeta media VPs.

*Edit* Okay, scratch that, now the game just hangs regardless of what I do.  I'm probably getting around 1 FPS now.  This is even when I'm not selecting the VPs folder as a mod.  WTF is going wrong here?

*Edit2* Hmm, when I use D3D, it still runs relatively fine, but OpenGL makes the game hang horribly.
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