Author Topic: "Patch" Media VPs for 3.6.9 won't download in Firefox  (Read 1192 times)

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"Patch" Media VPs for 3.6.9 won't download in Firefox
As per this thread I've installed FSO 3.6.9 for Windows XP. The game runs fine.

I then went to install the Media VPs, again following the instructions in that thread. It links to this thread, telling me I need to download the three links at the top.

When I click on any of the links, instead of downloading a .rar file Firefox opens a tab of absolute gibberish and locks right up. This clearly isn't supposed to happen. IE handles them just fine, the first time it's ever been superior to Firefox for me.

The game runs fine, by the way. And everything does look shinier. But I'm not sure it's running in my resolution (1280x1024) in OpenGL despite having all the graphics settings turned up. I definitely have the hardware to do it. But the resolution looks off, compared to when I last played FS2 using my retail discs. The loading screens and briefing rooms, especially.

Am I just imagining that or is FSO not running at 1280x1024 for some reason? It's a little hard to tell when actually in-game, but everything's quite clearly stretched until you actually get into the cockpit. Which I think is supposed to happen, but again I'm not sure.


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Re: "Patch" Media VPs for 3.6.9 won't download in Firefox
1. Firefox sometimes tries to directly open rar archives. Do this: Right-click the link and choose Save as...

2. Play in 1024x768. Resolutions different from the 4:3 aspect ratio cause funky graphical errors that no one likes.
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Re: "Patch" Media VPs for 3.6.9 won't download in Firefox
The 2D interface stretches which is why everything looks tall- 1280x1024 isn't a 4:3 resolution.