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Feature Request: Replay Function
How difficult would it be to include a replay function as an option in FSO?  Something like on Football games where you pause, hit replay and then you can view the last, say 30 seconds again from any player's perspective, or from a free-camera point of view.  Unfortunately I have no coding experience myself beyond a petrol pump in VB.

Anyone interested in coding this?
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Re: Feature Request: Replay Function
Replay function eh? Certainly sounds interesting, but would you really simply sit there and watch what you did last night when you could be blasting shivans? I for one never take advantage of reply functions on games, although I do see the argument about recording great moments for others to watch.

As for the coding side of it... ask someone else.
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Re: Feature Request: Replay Function,47395.msg965347.html#msg965347

Now I know I saved a copy of that diff but I'll be buggered if I can find where I put it. :rolleyes:
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