Author Topic: Any Java coders interested in making an FS-TBSG II?  (Read 762 times)

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Any Java coders interested in making an FS-TBSG II?
The original:

For those of you who don't remember, my FS-TBSG was a hex-grid turn-based strategy game in which you started with a planet and built FreeSpace (2) Terran ships to take out your enemies. You could also colonize planets using Argo transports. It featured all of the Terran warships, as well as 4 fighter types and 4 bomber types, and a handful of other ship types (not all of which got finished).

What I want to do:

I've been having a lot of trouble sticking to a game idea, so I thought I might revisit this one. However, my memory of the game tells me it was badly coded, so I plan to start the new one from scratch. Still, I plan to make it relatively similar to the original. Gameplay will be similar, and the style of graphics will be similar as well. Some graphics might be reused. Balance will likely be scrapped, though. The menu system won't do that slidey thing anymore, either. Oh, and you'll be able to end the game and return to the menu. And some other stuff.

To whit:

Does anybody here who knows Java want to help code this? (It would probably be using a CVS/SVN system to help keep track of the collaborative effort, if someone can supply access to a free one, and possibly accessed through the NetBeans IDE (although I've yet to test this feature))

"Jobs" (but you won't get paid):

  • Coders
  • Playtesters
  • GUI Artists
  • People to take screenshots of FRED
  • Publicity people

If I get enough responses, I'll start another thread for the actual thing. This thread will (hopefully) focus on people helping make it.