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problems on getting started...

first, i am new to this forum, so pls apologize if this is the wrong place for asking

second, my english is very very bad, so apologize mistakes and answer in a way a under-avareage english speaker could understand

now my question:

I used the online installation of freespaceopen, it downloaded everything, after installing, there is this message

Post-Installation Notes for FS2_Open Launcher for OS X
IMPORTANT NOTE: There was an error while installing this section. You may need to run the Installer again in order to ensure that this section works correctly.

just installer two times again, it didn`t changed.

on using any of the fs2_open3_6_xxx.exe the message tells me that openAL32.dll wasn`t found

anyone who nows what to do?


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Re: problems on getting started...
The first part seems to indicate that the Installer failed to download the OS X Launcher. If you are not using a Mac, this report doesn't concern you.

As for the second part, you need to install OpenAL. It was probably stated in the post-installation notes as well. Go to and download a version suitable for your operating system.

Oh, and don't directly run any of the fs2_open_ executables, at least not until you've run Launcher.exe once. And in general, it is the safest bet to just use Launcher.exe and start the game with it.
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