Author Topic: Really bad framerate after respawn in 3.6.10?  (Read 1307 times)

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Really bad framerate after respawn in 3.6.10?
Anyone else noticed this?  Was running the 3.6.10 3/14 xt build as a client and was getting almost a constant 120fps until I respawned.  After that I was lucky to get back up to 30. 
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Re: Really bad framerate after respawn in 3.6.10?
in the first game we played i had a problem from the start running at abour 30-40  fps ( my max is around 60) at first thought it was my end the problem but in  the games that followed was a 59 fps maybe going down to 56 fps if the  action got scary , i was running everything on with  extra cheese and media vps and all in game graphics on max..........
this on an acer laptop with an nvidia 7300 card (slightly over clocked) 256mb video memory , etc
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