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I'm running Freespace 2 build 3.6.9 on a 1.6 ghz MacBook Air, 2 gb ram, Intel GMA X3100 graphics chipset.

Every once in a while the game will freeze at the end of a mission, forcing me to manually shutdown the computer.  It usually happens when I'm warping out to return to base.  I've been stuck on mission 16 (Koth v. Colossus) at the congratulations screen for a bit.  I've tried several times, and I can't get past that screen.

Can anyone help me?  :confused:


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Try a newer build.  You can find a very recent one in tinman's sig   I dug up the link.  Here it is.  You could also dig around Recent builds for the latest XT build (experimental), which support normal maps and other goodies, but the most recent Mac XT build is old, and those builds are known to cause problems on Macs anyway.

Thanks!  Playing with the new build did it.  No problems yet with it.